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Get in touch with over 25,000 outlets, journalists and bloggers and social media influences across Australia and New Zealand. Updated daily, Margaret Gee's Media Guide is the most affordable resource for up-to-date media contacts across radio, print, TV and online.

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Whether you are on the run, or behind your desk, Margaret Gee's Media Guide allows you to access the database and complete your search through the ConnectWeb website. 

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"After more than 20 years reporting on journalism and media, I pride myself on my contact book. But when that fails me, I use ConnectWeb."

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Margaret Simons

"The service has been fantastic. The site is always up to date and easy to navigate."

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Ashleigh Austen

Jasmin Forsyth

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"Using this Margaret Gee's will significantly save you time, and assist you in ensuring your contacts are up to date and accurate."

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